Effectiveness of Solution-Focused Communication Training (SFCT) in Nurses’ Communication Skills

Document Type : Original Research


1 , Nursing Faculty, Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences

2 Faculty of Health, Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences

3 , Science & Research Branch, AZAD University

4 Nursing & Paramedics office, NAJA General Health Department


Aims: Effective communication is not only one of the patients’ most important needs, but it is also the key and the base of nursing in the offered medical care to patients. The present study was an attempt to evaluate the effect of solution-focused communication techniques on nurses’ communication skills.
Methods: 71 nurses from medical-surgical departments of a hospital in Tehran took part in this quasi-experimental pretest-posttest study. Solution-focused communication techniques were instructed in a one-day 8 hour workshop. Nurses’ communication skills were assessed by a questionnaire at pre-test and post-test (two months after the intervention).The questionnaire reliability was found to be high[α=0.86]. For any participant, three questionnaires were completed (by the participant themselves, their head nurse, & their colleagues).
Results: The mean difference between the nurses' communication skills before and after the intervention was found statistically significant [P= 0/001]. Statistically significant differences were also observed between mean scores of the four subscales of nurses' communication skills before and after the intervention.
Conclusion: Solution-focused communication training [SFCT] can have a positive effect on different aspects of nurses’ communication skills including general and therapeutic communication, emotional supporting, and their attitudes toward communicating with patients.